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Harvard Street Theatre Company was founded by Kami Martin and Debradawn Shockey in 2019 after many long talks sipping coffee and lamenting their need for a stage of their own, where they could gather talent from the community and present it in a fun, casual and exciting new way. Soon after, the Diamond Valley Arts Council took on the pair as an official program of the community arts organization, and Harvard Street Theatre Company was born. 

Kami Martin

Kami Martin felt like she was going to go nuts without theatre during the shutdown, however she has managed to learn some media editing skills, has banked hundreds of hours of zoom plays, & started a YouTube show with Debradawn Shockey called TALK SHOP! (like and subscribe!!) Thanks for coming to our celebration!!

Debradawn Shockey

Co-founder of Harvard Street Theatre Company along side Kami Martin, Debradawn Shockey has been involved in local theatrical productions throughout the Inland Empire. She is grateful for both this long awaited return to live theatre and for the people in her life who have supported her love of entertainment (especially those who live with her).

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