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ElenaK2Elena Kern

The only child of Ramon and Julia Camargo, Elena was born on May 2, 1942 in San Fernando, Ca. into a family of diverse artistic Talent. Elena’s Grandfather and Silent Film Actor, Hosea Stillman, had been a production assistant for famed movie director, C.B. DeMille, while her mother had been a famed stuntwoman. Her uncle had been a stunt double for the famous Mary Pickford. Elena’s paternal great-grandmother, Julia Steelman Nichols was a scientist, a published poet, a songwriter, and a noted artist.  She and her husband, Dr.  W.T. Nichols of Glendale, were patrons of the arts and held many art exhibitions in their home.   And it was through the family's friendship with the silent screen star, Charlie Chaplin, that the Steelman family became lifelong friends with nineteenth century California Plein Air Painter, Granville Redmond.

One of Elena’s earliest memories is that of drifting off to sleep as a child at naptime, gazing at a oil painting of the sea by Redmond.  In 1963 she tried her hand at painting, and even though she soon after retired her brushes for nearly forty years, she began painting again in 2002, and with the encouragement of her husband, Dr. William Kern, she opened Four Corners Fine Art Gallery in Idyllwild, California, in 2003.  Among the pines and babbling brook she found her heart.

Elena has relocated her gallery, Elena @ The DVAC, to Hemet as part of the Diamond Valley Arts Council.
She lives in Hemet, California.